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Prescribing Reduced Harm Nicotine Vapourised Products (NVP)

The Safety of NVPs

Learn about the relative risk of smoking and vapourised nicotine treatment and what the evidence says about smoking cessation
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Understanding NVP's

What is an NVP and how do they operate
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NVP's In Practice

Understanding how patients use NVP products to enable them quit smoking
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Prescribing ALLO Products

Products available and clinical consideration while prescribing ALLO
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Risk/Benefit Evaluation of NVP's

NVP's offer an alternate option to smokers who have tried to quit and failed using other methods
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NVPs as a smoking cessation tool

Nicotine Vaping Products (NVPs) have a potential role to play in addressing the lack of treatment options for people who smoke and are unmotivated or unwilling to quit smoking.
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