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The Safety of NVP's

Summary on NVPs and Smoking Cessation:

- NVPs (Nicotine Vaping Products) can be effective smoking cessation tools if they provide the desired nicotine levels while maintaining pharmaceutical-grade quality and ensuring user safety, especially concerning long-term risks and benefits.

- According to reviews by prominent organizations like the US National Academy of Science and Engineering[1], NVPs offer a safer nicotine delivery option:
- Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, which is vastly more than what is found in NVP aerosol[3].
- When comparing toxic substances present in both products, cigarette smoke typically has a lot more than NVP aerosol[4].

- Companies like ALLO utilize advanced technology and quality manufacturing to produce NVPs that may reduce tobacco-related health risks. Their approach includes:
- A thorough process for choosing flavor ingredients, creating formulations, and assessing toxicological risks.
- Rigorous product development and aerosol analysis to limit harmful elements in the aerosol compared to cigarette smoke.

- Generally, the goal for NVPs is to decrease the health risks tied to harmful constituents in tobacco smoke, all while not introducing any new toxicological issues.

Ingredients & Product Insights:

- The safety of NVP flavoring ingredients is determined by assessing the short-term and long-term health risks of inhaling these ingredients individually and as a mixture.

- Products are developed to lower the long-term inhalation risks. Post-market surveillance will also monitor and ensure the safety of the product once it's in use by the public.

- Products like ALLO Ultra and SYNC are designed to:
- Deliver nicotine in a manner that mirrors the effects of cigarettes.
- Have power and safety mechanisms that ensure a good nicotine experience and minimize exposure to other unwanted substances in the aerosol.
- Decrease aerosol levels of harmful elements found in cigarette smoke.

- Both ALLO Ultra and SYNC, being closed system products, have been designed to lower exposure to any harmful elements. Manufacturers are advised to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of the aerosol for any harmful or potentially harmful compounds.