Australia's First Disposable Recycling Program

We work with accredited Australian partners to recycle the waste produced and protect our environment


With the Allo Recycling Program, participating pharmacies can now order our Vape Bin to recycle used Allo products* and help reduce the overall e-waste on the environment.

After the bins have been filled and returned to our warehouse, we will facilitate that the products will be properly sorted and sent out to our respective recycling partner.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Allo Recycling Program, please kindly follow the 3-step process below:

1. Email us at with your store name and address(es).

2. We will then ship you the Vape Bin. Assemble the bin following the easy instructions included and display the bin on the counter. Please ensure that only Allo Disposable products* are being placed in the Vape Bin.

3. Once the Vape Bin has been filled, simply contact us again at for a prepaid return shipping label. Drop the bin off at any FedEx location or hand it over to the FedEx drivers.

New recycling bins will automatically be shipped to your location and the recycling process starts again!

If you have any questions regarding our recycling program, please do not hesitate to contact us at