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Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Device - Tobacco


  • Flavors: Tobacco
  • Puffs: Up to 800
  • Liquid Volume: 3.8 mL of prefilled liquid (not refillable)
  • Nicotine strength: 50mg/mL Nicotine Salt
  • Battery: Precharged 550 mAh
  • Fully-charged out of the box
  • Smart Chip - Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection


The Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Device - Tobacco will give you the next level of convenience and leisure with all-in-one advanced features and high-performance flavor.

This affordable, portable vaping device is a tribute to anyone who searches for peace of mind and premium taste in the mouth when vaping with a one-time-use device.

Designed with an Integrated mesh coil, innovative chipset, long-lasting battery, over inhaling, and short circuit protection, surely you will get more excellent value than simply supplying yourself with nicotine puffs.

Whether you are someone who has just switched from smoking to vaping or an all-time vaper who looks for experience with a cigarette-like taste, Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Device with Tobacco flavour is what you definitely should not miss out on!

Keep reading to discover its unique features!



Despite the rise of vaping devices in recent decades, the charm and pleasure that tobacco can provide go beyond the border of time.

When the tobacco smoke fills our lungs, the unique sense of adrenaline hits and quickly rushes in. It leaves a buzz of energy that covers our brain with relaxation.

Understanding the need for this classic delight, The Allo Ultra 800 Disposable Device, now with Tobacco flavor, was made to deliver almost the same cigarette-like experience for vapers.

Allo Ultra 800 Tobacco captures the notes and essence of tobacco, resulting in a complex yet milk and savoury taste that can become a perfect fit for anyone with a different smoking background.



## Vaping in Style

If cigarette smoking is a form of lifestyle, Allo Ultra is bringing this pleasure to vaping. From the shape, and the innovative features to the flavor, Tobacco Allo Ultra is leading a new way of living.

Furthermore, most people would like to smoke tobacco since it won’t have any “technical issues” that can leave bad tastes in their mouths.

Yet, if we opt for the Allo Ultra, this barrier will be lifted to provide users with a smooth enjoyment that you can’t find from low-end vaping devices.

## No mess, no mixing, no fuss

Coming in as a portable, palm-fitting design, the device is equipped with an intelligent chipset and mesh coil that is usually only available on big mod boxes.

With some creative solutions from the manufacturer, the Allo Ultra 800 Portable Device saves vapers from suffering burnt taste and dry and harsh throat hits.


## Seamless Operation

A long-life 550mAh battery that is fully charged, ready to use when out of the package, and draw-activation for intuitively fast operation are meticulously built in a small device to not disrupt anyone’s comfort when vaping.

Therefore, you don’t have to feel like you are holding a metal cigarette; this significantly eases the minds of those adapting to vaping after a long period of smoking.

## Safety comes with quality

No one wants to see fire come from their pocket or experience annoying inconsistent puffs using vape pens.

With Allo Ultra 800, you can get rid of this ordeal in your mind since it complies with VPLPR (Vaping Products Labeling and Packaging Regulation), which ensures that the product quality meets all the industry standards.

There would be no incident of technical conflict, only leisure when it comes to vaping time!


Indeed this Tobacco flavour from Allo Ultra 800 is made for those who love to feel the true nic hits and look for a way to fill the void that causes uneasiness when switching from smoking to vaping.

If your mind goes back and forth to your time of smoking and makes it hard for you to resist the temptation of coming back to the old habit, you should give this taste a try!

Just like the integration of modern vaping and traditional smoking, there is nothing better than having a talk with friends and enjoying nicotine puffs from a portable vaping device accompanied by a glass of your favourite drink.



If the Allo Ultra 1600, which has the same Tobacco flavour yet delivers 1600+ puffs, is a selection for those who are sure of the taste they love from the Allo Ultra range, this Allo Ultra 800 is an ideal choice for those who want to try the fantastic flavours of the brand.

Besides Tobacco, Allo Ultra also has a wide range of fruity, icy tastes designed as disposable vape devices, such as Allo Ultra 800 Pink Lemon, and Allo Ultra 800 Grape Ice.

All are available on the shelf of VapeVend! Check them out here and get them quickly shipped to you; no geography concern because we provide worldwide delivery!